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Xante Pear Liqueur, 50cl

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An exquisitely balanced and smooth liqueur, full of aromas and flavours of ripe Belgian pears, oak-aged Cognac, and just the right amount of sweetness, with a natural sugar content of no more than 17%.  The oak barrel maturation imparts a touch of vanilla to the liqueur and contributes to Xante beautiful deep amber colour.

Xante is crafted from a blend of fine Cognacs which have been matured in traditional Limousin oak barrels for four years, and pears sourced from the renowned fruit growing region of Liege in Belgium.  The pear extract and Cognac rest together for two weeks before the liqueur is filtered and bottled.

With its generous pear sweetness on the nose and bolstered by a kick of Cognac, Xante is a great choice for many cocktails from punchy Martinis to thirst-quenching long serves, or served simply chilled on the rocks.

Produced in Sweden with ingredients from Leige in Belgium and Cognac from France.