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Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin, 70 cl

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A taste for adventure and discovery runs through all eight generations of the Whitley Neill family tree. So it should come as no surprise that at the turn of the century, Frederick Neill found himself on a voyage through Asia, where he discovered the fragrant and citrus infused lemongrass. A popular ingredient within local delicacies, the lemongrass was blended with warming ginger as well as a variety of exotic herbs and spices giving Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin its distinctive, fragrant, citrusy taste. A handcrafted gin of exceptional quality, with a flavour that’s as rich as its ancestry.

Tasting Notes: A distinct citrusy infused essence of lemongrass on the nose. A crisp, fruity flavour on the palate giving way to warming taste of ginger. A perfectly balanced gin with a complex finish.