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Stroh 80 Inlander Rum, 50cl

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The spirit of Austria, Stroh is an intense spiced rum with no shortage of tradition.  Its powerful flavour profile and distinctive flask-shaped bottle have become iconic, and synonymous with its country.

Stroh’s history begins in 1832, making it the first spiced rum in the world, and the only global brand of Inlander Rum.  This style dates back to the time of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, when the crew of the royal Austro-Hungarian naval fleet would receive a daily ration of rum.

Today, Stroh has become not only a staple of ski lodges, or an essential ingredient in Austrian pastries, but a unique component of cocktails around the world too.

Sebastian Stroh began producing spirits in 1832 and his Stroh Rum has gone on to become a true Austrian success story.  The Austrian-owned business is the country’s largest manufacturer of spirituous beverages, which are still produced in the province of Carinthia where it all began over 185 years ago.

This style of Inlander Rum has since become a geographically protected Austrian spirit.  Once made from sugar beet with added flavourings, a result of the Austrian–Hungarian state’s lack of access to colonies in tropical countries, the style is now required to be made from sugarcane.