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Stolichnaya Vodka 70cl

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Stolichnaya Premium Vodka has been produced and bottled for more than 65 years at the historic Latvijas Balzams distillery in Riga.

It is recognised as a high-quality, premium spirit, adhering to the Russian Alpha Spirit standard.

Using traditional production techniques and state-of-the-art facilities and technology, the result is vodka that is perfectly smooth with a gentle wheat flavour and an aroma faithfully reproduced time after time.

With the very first line of premium flavoured vodkas, Stoli changed the face of vodka forever. Today, Stoli isn't regarded as just a vodka - it's THE Vodka, in a class all of its own.

Created and defined benchmarks for quality with super-premium and ultra-luxury vodka

Pioneered the very first line of premium flavoured vodkas

Origins in Tambov region of Russia, where Talvis distillery produces the highest quality Alpha Spirit

Spirit is bended with artesian well water, then filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand to crate unsurpassed smoothness.