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Solway Spirits Banoffee Rum - 70cl - 40%

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Solway Spirits is a small batch craft distillery located on the majestic Solway Coast in South West Scotland, using British suppliers for the highest quality ingredients.

They use a blend of botanicals, juniper, coriander, orris root, angelica, orange peel, liquorice root and a few others which are all foraged locally.

Solway Spirits use a rectification column, making the spirit wonderfully smooth before cooling it through the condenser to make a silky smooth elixir.

This is a true micro distillery producing only fifty bottles in one batch which are bottled and labeled by hand so you, the drinker, only receive the best quality spirit.

A full bodied Rum blended with bananas and toffee to give a wonderfully warm luscious drink. Try this Rum on its own, or with Madagascan Cola or Ginger Ale and a slice of lime.