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OVD Demerara Rum, 70cl

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O.V.D stands for Old Vatted Demerara, a style of rum blending unique to the Demerara region of Guyana.  O.V.D rum was first blended and bottled in 1838 on Dock Street, Dundee, Scotland.

George Morton, a Scottish spirits entrepreneur began bottling OVD in 1838. Based in Dock Street, Dundee, he was a pioneering importer of rum from the new colony of British Guyana. He loved its sweet and smooth taste so much he refused to blend it with other Caribbean rums as others were doing. He thought the pure fine Demerara rum was perfect on its own. Today OVD is the oldest pure Demerara rum in the world.

OVD rum is matured in oak casks, giving OVD its smoothness, flavour and character, a creamy rum, with complex toffee flavours, rich and fruity on the palate and with a mellow finish.

Highly individual when neat or on the rocks, OVD adds distinctive character when mixed with cola, lemonade, peppermint or ginger beer and lime.