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Martin Millers Gin, 70cl

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Martin Miller’s Gin is an independently owned brand and was the first super premium gin on the market. Founders Martin Miller, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh, created the product after a gin drinking session which left much to be desired. After sipping several tepid G&T’s filled with limp slices of lemon, the trio soon embarked on their journey to create the finest gin on the market, and it wasn’t long before they succeeded.

In 1999, made with the purest Icelandic water and botanicals sourced from wherever the best crop is found, Martin Miller’s Gin launched its first batch of remarkable gin. Martin Miller’s experimented with a unique distillation method, splitting the process into two separate distillations. They found the best combination was to first distil the juniper and the ‘earthier’ botanicals along with the dried lime peel. Then, distil the citrus peels separately, combining both distillates later. This, they found, gave the gin a much better balance between the signatures notes of juniper, essential to any good gin, and the bright, refreshing notes of citrus. Blending with the purest Icelandic water, an exclusive attribute to Martin Miller’s Gin, creates the gin’s distinctive, gentle bouquet and silky soft mouth feel.

Since its launch, Martin Miller's Gin has consistently won top awards for excellence from the world's leading blind tasting institutions, making it the world's most-awarded quality gin. Having won more gold and platinum medals than any other gin in the last ten years at the most respected competitions; ISC, IWSC and San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Martin Miller's Gin has also been awarded the highly prestigious Superlative Award by the U.S. Beverage Tasting Institute, scoring 97 points on multiple occasions, the only gin to have done so.