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London Number 1 Gin, 70cl

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The London No.1 was created to both be visually striking and make the perfect G&T. The London No.1 is produced using the highest quality English grain spirit and the purest spring water found in the north of London and a unique blend of 12 botanicals. It is then triple distilled under the expert direction of Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell.

The origins of The London No.1's name go all the way back to 1771, when the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley's London townhouse was built on the south-east facing corner of Hyde Park. Its formal name is Apsley House, but it quickly became known as No.1 London. Over the years, the house No.1 London has become synonymous with refined elegance, artistry and culture; which are attributes that are proudly reflected in this gin.

The exceptional character of The London No.1 is a result of the perfect blend of 12 key botanicals from various parts of the World, including bergamot, almond, cinnamon, juniper and orange peel.

Tasting notes

The London No.1 presents itself in a luminous, pale yet bright bluish aquamarine colour.  The nose reveals delightful scents of juniper berries and balsamic aromas.  The alcohol is well integrated, elegant and clean.  A delicate palate with some viscosity and a fine, dry mouth feel.  Mild but very aromatic with quality balsamic notes
Very balanced overall with a long, sensual finish.