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Linlithgow Distillery Four Marys Gin Zesty Sherbet, 50cl

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Linlithgow Distillery Four Marys Gin Zesty Sherbet has been distilled to create a flavour sensation in the mouth with Kaffir lime, Yuzu, Star Anise and Galangal alongside more traditional botanicals of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica combine to create an experience that will take you back to your youth when perhaps you enjoyed an old fashioned sherbet fountain.

Nothing has been added to this gin, the experience and flavours come entirely from the distilled botanicals.

The recommended serve for Zesty Sherbet is; 1 measure of gin to 2 measures of a premium unflavoured tonic and garnished with a wedge of very fresh, juicy lemon, however a lemon tonic would also work.

Whatever you choose to add to your gin, we do recommend it is fizzy to give you that overall sherbet experience.