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Kalani Mayan Coconut Liqueur, 70cl

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The Casa D’Aristi Distillery offers exotic, authentic, and natural liqueurs based on Rum. The distillery was founded in 1935 by the Aristi family and generations of loyal employees and dedicated family members upheld the Mayan liqueurs making tradition.

Kalani Liqueur is made using fresh coconut milk. The coconut milk is first fermented and then mixed win Mexican sugarcane Rum. This brings together two popular Yucatan flavours and offers a subtle flavour to the 100% natural Liqueur.

The coconut milk is obtained from the yellow dwarf coconuts in a colonial plantation in Yucatan Peninsula. The coconut is then shredded and pressed to extract milk.

Kalani is an exotic and delicious coconut delight, which is an excellent aperitif and great addition to various cocktail recipes.