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Hotspur Gin, 70cl

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Inspired by Sir Harry Hotspur, Hotspur Gin is expertly crafted in the shadows of Alnwick Castle at the distillery in the pot still named 'Harry'.

Drawing on his steadfast spirit, resilient character & Northumbrian roots his distinguished traits have been aligned with those of Hotspur Gin to produce a true craft spirit worthy of the legendary knight himself.

Locally foraged heather, bilberry & juniper are crucial in defining the flavour, contributing to a distinguished dry gin made up of only the finest natural ingredients.

Featuring a 100% pewter cap hand-cast in England and hand-applied labels, nothing is left to chance. Production is restricted to micro batches of just 100 bottles to guarantee the correct flavour, tone & balance.

In restricting production to such concise volumes, nothing is lost during the production process. The result is a juniper-led dry gin, with crisp citrus flavours and subtle floral notes.