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Elements Of Islay Peat, 50cl

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The Elements of Islay is a range of Single Malt Islay Whiskies that draws its inspiration from traditional medical laboratory labels and packaging. Indeed; even the bottle is called ‘pharmacy’.

The Elements range is bottled in individual batches, typically blended from between 5 and 20 casks from a single distillery. Each bottle shows the distillery’s ‘Element’ symbol alongside a batch number on the label (eg Lp1).

Another important feature of the Elements range is the absence of vintages or age statements on the label. Casks of different ages are “married” to create a unique taste profile for each batch – the producer believes that stated ages and vintages are less important than creating a top quality malt that truly expresses the character of the distillery that made it.

PEAT 45 is the lower-strength release of Elements of Islay's Peat. Bottled at 45%, this has the same classic Islay character as Full Proof – notes of fruit, spice and smoke – but with less power.

Tasting Note

Nose - Soft smoke and rich citrus lead the nose, with orange zest and peel joined by thick-cut smoked bacon. Maritime character rolls in, with damp sea shells and rock pools accompanied by glowing coals and beach bonfires.

Palate - Smoke dominates to start – smouldering hickory and complex Lapsang Souchong tea notes are backed up by coal smoke and cast iron stoves. Sweeter notes of salted caramel and bittersweet darker chocolate slowly build.

Finish - Medium length, with sea spray and baked apples fading to heavy smoke and spice.