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Diplomatico No. 2 Barbet Rum, 70cl

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The Barbet Column Still was brought to Diplomatico La Miel distillery in 1959.  This continuous distillation system is originally from France.  Using high quality sugar cane molasses, the distillate is aged in American white oak barrels until it reaches its optimum maturity, resulting in a unique rum.  This system produces a distillate with a strong fruity profile.  The single barbet rum combines mango and passion fruit aromas with notes of caramel and oak.  On the palate, it is smooth and slightly dry, with delicate wood and fresh citrus fruit flavours.

Tasting Note
Nose - Singed brown sugar and butter mints start things off, with a hint of foam banana sweets.  The buttery notes build, with spicy green leaves slowly replacing the mint. Sharp apple hides underneath.
Palate - Sweet and fruity: stewed apples, banana, and candied papaya and mango. Cream then washes over everything, adding cafe latte and toffee sauce.  There is a hint of sharp apple skin and toasted cask stave under the sea of cream, sprinkled with mint.
Finish - Green leaves and soft mint fade to leave toffee sweetness.

Sweet but well balanced thanks to the herbal notes.