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Dalriada Blended Whisky, 70cl

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In 2016 Scotland Grindlay introduced a Blended Scotch Whisky at natural colour to the range. The name Dalriada, paying tribute to our forebears in the ancient Gaelic over kingdom of Dalriada. In the 6th and 7th century Dalriada, also known as Dalriata, encompassed roughly what is now Argyll in Scotland.

Due to the high quantity and quality of the malt in this blend it is presented at natural colour.

Nose -  Although a blend this has a nose that will put you in mind of some of the more famous Speyside Distilleries. Very inviting it opens with the malt, dusty barley and vanilla. Along with a touch of sherried dried fruit, earth and spice.

Palate - Now the grain appears on the pallet more than the nose. Shows more creamy oak and makes it feel fuller. Subtle barley and sherried notes - the crisp grain comes in quickly and brings some pleasant spice notes. Thyme, basil and freshly cut grass.

Finish - The cream soda elements on the palate carry on in the finish, pretty chewy as the malt re-asserts itself. A pleasant blend which shows a good malt, grain balance.