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Bruichladdich 2001 The Resurrection Dram Single Malt Whisky

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2001. A SPIRIT ODYSSEY. A UNIQUE CELEBRATION BOTTLING OF OUR VERY FIRST SPIRT ? THE RESURRECTION OF A LEGEND, THE REALISATION OF A DREAM. This ?Resurrection Dram? is a testament to the inspired ? the Harvey brothers OF 1881, their avant-garde distillery design, and a new team of distillers who took up their progressive torch in 2001. It's a celebration of a new era at Bruichladdich, the first distilled by Jim McEwan and his team in the more artisanal, old-fashioned way. An emotional dram for us ? our first spirit. Very lightly peated at 10ppm and a style never repeated since. A very special dram and uttlerly delicious - amazingly fresh and floral, with marine influences and subtle, sweet peat.