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Beach Bum Rum Silver, 70cl

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Beach Bum Rum is truly a taste of Mauritius in a bottle.  The finest sugar cane has been sourced along with coconuts and vanilla to produce a unique blend and by combining both column and pot stills in the distillation process a traditional, yet modern rum is produced to enjoy.

Beach Bum Rum Silver

This award-winning Silver rum is a taste of Mauritius in a bottle.  On the nose, aromas of fresh young coconuts and fragrant vanilla are prominent with hints of banana leaf in the background.  This rum slips onto the tongue with flavours of sugarcane and fresh cut grass on a summer’s day. The finish is smooth and luscious.

Beach Bum Rum Silver is best enjoyed as a mixer in cocktails, it works especially well is the classic Daquiri. The liquid is versatile and is perfect for mixology.