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Based on a 19th Century Tradition of ageing French Caribbean Rum in barrels filled with fresh ginger and spices. Spytail is made with pure aged French Caribbean Rum and is produced in France. At the same time submarines sailed along the bottom of the River Charente, ships laden with barrels of rum from the French Caribbean sailed along the surface. The barrels off rum were filled with fresh ginger roots (gingembre) and allowed to age until the liquid had turned almost black – and black ginger rum was born.

Spytail Black Ginger Rum celebrates the connectedness of French Ginger Rum and Deep Sea Exploration. Near the distillery – some of the world’s first submarines were built and tested on the River Charente, which flows nearby. These submarines were the inspiration for Jules Verne’s classic tale “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

Spytail’s brand language is inspired by Jules Verne and his odysseys. The heady mix of illustration and graphic content perfectly relays the story of Spytail’s journey from cane to bottle and on to the depths of the sea. This is but the start of a long brand journey, one filled with pen, ink and imagination.

The simple embossed branding on the glass is framed with a porthole and is inspired by original French submarine design. The co-ordinates of the final resting place of Jules Vernes can be found emblazoned on the front of the bottle.

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