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Port Askaig 45 Yr Malt Whisky, 70cl

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Port Askaig is a range of Islay single malt whiskies that embodies the unique spirit of Islay and its people.  Nestled into the north coast of the island, Port Askaig has been the gateway to Islay for hundreds of years.  It seemed right to name this range of whisky after this magical place.  There is no distillery at Port Askaig, instead the name has been used to bottle and showcase specially select casks from the distilleries around Islay which reveals a variety of expressions.

Port Askaig 45 Yr Old, was matured in five refill sherry butts, this unpeated whisky was distilled on Hogmanay in 1968 at Islay’s northernmost distillery (which is Bunnahabhain).  It has been bottled it at cask strength, after the angels took their generous share.  Distillation on Islay in the 1960s has become famed for producing magnificent spirit full of tropical fruit flavours, making whiskies like this an incredibly rare treat. 

Truly a generous whisky, run through with fruit, spice and elegant herbal notes that demand attention. A rare dram that rewards careful examination.

Tasting Notes
Nose - Rich, ripe mango, papaya, star fruit and mint leaves with earthy spices and brown sugar. The aromas are almost thick, like nectar, and only a hint of cedar wood suggests the age of the whisky.
Palate - More tropical fruit. The spices are now delicate and dry as if roasted on a griddle. The texture is heady with more flavours of lime and lemon peel, as well as tangerine juice. Light oak and menthol come through along with a touch of green tea. The flavours are incredibly well balanced with elegance and poise.
Finish - Notes of dill, mint and coriander play off against orange blossom.  The sumptuous fruit flavours gradually fade, replaced with woody nutmeg and cinnamon.