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El Ron Prohibido Solera 15 Yr, 70cl

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A very interesting rum from Mexico, with a great history behind it.

During the early 1700s, ships would come from Spain to the New World, bringing with them sweet raisin wine, which would be bottled and sold in Mexico.  For the return trip, the barrels would be filled with “Chinguirito” (which was the name for Mexican rum and is now the name for a Peruvian salad).

During the course of the voyage, the spirit would take on the flavours of the barrel and the sweet wine.  As its popularity grew, wine-makers in the region began to see the spirit as a threat, so the King of Spain prohibited its production, hence the name El Ron Prohibido, “The Forbidden Rum”. The spirit has now been given a new lease of 21st century life by this series.

El Ron Prohibido Gran Reserva 15 is a Mexican Solera blended rum distilled from molasses. The rum is Solera aged, meaning that the oldest spirit in the blend is around 15 years old.