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Katun Gin (Mexico), 70cl

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Through an evocative blend of Yucatan botanicals, Katun Gin captures the region’s fascinating botanicals and rich cultural heritage – a unique and entirely Mexican gin, and a first for the Yucatan.

Katun Gin’s 17 botanicals are macerated for at least ten days.  These botanicals include four varieties of chillies and aromatic flowers from the Yucatán, as well as various spices and fruits, all sourced from Mexico except for juniper, the only imported ingredient.

This spirit is then distilled in a 250-litre copper alembic still handmade in Portugal.  This infused distillate is later mixed with pure cenote water, filtered and bottled.

Katun’s aromatic botanicals shine in a G&T, garnished with your choice of citrus peel.