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Asbach Original 3 Yr Brandy, 70cl

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This 3yr brandy was formally known as Uralt and is produced in Germany.  It begun production in 1892 and the same standards in quality have been the same from then up till now.  It is constantly voted one of the top 10 food and drink liqueur brand in Germany.  A German Brandy blended from 25 different types of wines distillations. It then goes through a long process of multiple distillations and then matures for at least 3 years, longer than legally prescribed 6months in small casks of made of Limousin oak.

It gained much of its popularity during the first and Second World War when a lot of foreign soldiers were placed in Germany.  They turned to Asbach because of its mellow taste it could be drunk straight and was a good way to warm them up.  Its mellow taste and harmonious bouquet make Asbach the embodiment of perfect quality and superb enjoyment. The palate is mild and sweet, displaying a harmonious bouquet, with a taste of grapes and notes of plum and nut. It is perfect to drink straight, goes great in an Irish coffee and is a nice drink to enjoy while having a box of chocolates.